Upcoming workshop 17-19 Sept, the UK
  • What is REFUREC?

    The Renewable Fuels Regulators Club (REFUREC) is an informal club that offers a pan-European platform for discussion, information exchange and tackling cross-border issues relating to the biofuels market in the European Union and beyond.

    Visit our Workshop page for details on recent activities: http://www.refurec.org/workshops/
  • Who is participating?

    Governmental institutions from 31 countries are involved in REFUREC. Please visit this link for a detailed list: http://www.refurec.org/member-countries/
  • How do your workshops look like?

    Please see the following photos for some visual impressions.

    Members participating in a workshopfaces blurred due to privacy policy).

    Member presenting at workshop (faces blurred due to privacy policy).

    Group work at a workshop (faces blurred due to privacy policy).

    Open discussion session with expert speakers (faces blurred due to privacy policy).
  • Who can become a member of REFUREC?

    REFUREC is open to institutions and organisations responsible for regulating biofuels within their respective countries and as such is primarily targeted to those who are or will be regulators / operators / administrators.
  • What is the aim of REFUREC?

    REFUREC is an informal network of like-minded people, ensuring that the most efficient contact between peers can take place. The club offers a platform for discussion, information exchange and tackling cross-border issues relating to biofuels markets in the European Union and beyond. In its early stages, REFUREC facilitated discussion and sharing of knowledge and experiences in setting up national regulators.  The club discusses issues relevant to the regulation of renewable fuels, such as issues relating to the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive and the revised Fuel Quality Directive.
  • How has REFUREC developed?

    With organisations from 31 countries participating, REFUREC has matured into a successful network of biofuel sustainability regulators, and into a positive model of European co-operation. Frequent meetings, ongoing relationship management with key stakeholders such as the European Commission and Voluntary Schemes representatives, as well as coordinated initiatives like ongoing working groups, additional mini meetings or numerous informal consultations between the participants demonstrate, that MS continue to work towards the goal of an internationally sustainable renewable fuels industry, and that REFUREC can be considered as one of the required tools to make this a reality.
  • Does REFUREC charge membership fees?

    REFUREC is an informal network and currently does not charge any membership fees.
  • How can I become a REFUREC member?

    To apply for a membership, please contact Danilo Krahl at danilo.krahl [[at]] refurec.org
  • How is REFUREC organised?

    REFUREC was initiated in 2009 by the UK's Renewable Fuels Agency. The administrative part is provided by an informal, rotating secretariat. April 2011 - June 2012, the Comisión Nacional de Energía (CNE, Spain) led on the secretariat work and successfully handed over in July 2012 to the Dutch Emissions Authority (Nederlandse Emissieautoriteit, Netherlands). October 2013 - September 2015, the Swedish Energy Agency coordinated the secretariat work. In October 2015, the Finnish Energy Authority took the lead and provided secretariat support for two years. Since September 2017, REFUREC is maintained by Orkustofnun, Iceland’s National Energy Authority. The club meets at least twice a year to share knowledge, ideas and strategies on how best to implement workable interpretations of the RED across our respective borders.