Upcoming workshop 17-19 Sept, the UK
  • Austria

    Organisation: Environment Agency Austria

    Website: http://www.umweltbundesamt.at

  • Belgium

    Organisation: DG Environment, Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment

    Website: http://www.health.belgium.be

  • Bulgaria

    Organisation: Ministry of Economy and Energy

    Website: http://www.mee.government.bg

  • Croatia

    Currently observer status, no active participation

    Organisation: Government represented by Energy Institute ‘Hrvoje Pozar’

    Website: http://www.eihp.hr

  • Cyprus

    Organisation: Energy Service, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

    Website: http://www.mcit.gov.cy

  • Czech Republic

    Organisation: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

    Website: http://www.mzp.cz

  • Denmark

    Organisation: Danish Energy Agency

    Website: http://www.ens.dk/

  • Estonia

    Organisation: Ministry of the Environment, Ambient Air Department

    Website: http://www.envir.ee/

  • Finland

    Organisation: currently: Finnish Energy Authority; previously: EMVI (Energy Market Authority)

    Website: https://www.energiavirasto.fi

  • France


    Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, General Direction for Energy and the Climate

    Website: http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr

  • Germany

    Organisation: Federal Office For Agriculture And Food

    Website: http://www.ble.de

  • Greece

    Organisation: Directorate for Petroleum Policy

    Website: http://www.eka.ypeka.gr

  • Hungary

    Organisation: Ministry for National Economy, Deputy State Secretariat for Energy and Climate Change

    Website: http://www.ngm.gov.hu

  • Iceland

    Organisation: National Energy Authority of Iceland

    Website: http://www.os.is

  • Ireland

    Organisation: National Oil Reserves Agency

    Website: http://www.nora.ie

  • Italy

    Organisation: Ministry for the Environment, the Territory and the Sea, General Directorate for sustainable development, climate and energy

    Website: http://www.minambiente.it

  • Latvia

    Currently observer status, no active participation

    Organisation: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency division

    Website: http://www.em.gov.lv

  • Lithuania

    Currently observer status, no active participation

    Organisation: Resources and Quality Policy Departamnet, Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania

    Website: http://www.zum.lt

  • Luxembourg

    Organisation: Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Environment Administration

    Website: http://www.aev.etat.lu

  • Malta

    Organisation: currently: Regulator for Energy & Water Services Malta, previously: Malta Resources Authority

    Website: http://www.rews.org.mt/

  • Norway

    Organisation: currently:  Norwegian Environment Agency, previously: Climate and Pollution Agency, Norwegian Ministry of the Environment

    Website: http://www.miljodirektoratet.no/english/

  • Poland

    Organisation: DE/MGOV – Ministry of Economy

    Website: http://www.mg.gov.pl

  • Portugal

    Organisation: currently: ENSE and LNEG, previously also: ENMC

    Website: http://www.ense-epe.pt/en/ & https://www.lneg.pt/Default.aspx/

  • Romania

    Organisation: General Directorate for Energy, Ministry of Economy

    Website: http://www.minind.ro

  • Slovakia

    Organisation: Ministry of the Environment

    Website: http://www.enviro.gov.sk

  • Slovenia

    Organisation: Ministry of Infrastructure, Energy Directorate

    Website: http://www.gov.si

  • Spain

    Organisation: currently: CNMC – National Commission for Markets and Competition, IDAE, previously: CNE 

    Websites: http://www.cnmc.es  http://www.idae.es

  • Sweden

    Organisation: Swedish Energy Agency

    Website: http://www.energimyndigheten.se/

  • Switzerland

    Organisation: Federal Office for the Environment FOEN

    Website: http://www.bafu.admin.ch

  • The Netherlands

    Organisation: Dutch Emissions Authority

    Website: http://www.emissieautoriteit.nl

  • Turkey

    Organisation: Energy Market Regulatory Authority

    Website: http://www.epdk.org.tr

  • United Kingdom

    Organisation: currently: Department for Transport, previously: Renewable Fuels Agency

    Website: www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-transport