Upcoming workshop 17-19 Sept, the UK
  • REFUREC offers its Members a platform for confidential dialogue, information exchange and tackling cross-border issues relating to biofuels markets in the European Union and beyond. The club¬†facilitates discussion and sharing of knowledge and experiences with regards to the regulation of renewable fuels, such as issues relating to the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive and the revised Fuel Quality Directive.
  • Whenever appropriate and requested by its Members, REFUREC also invites European stakeholders to participate in single workshop sessions as expert speakers. Examples of recent expert speakers are:
  1. – Voluntary Schemes: ISCC, Bonsucro EU, RSV, 2BSvs, RBSA, Greenergy, REDcert, NTA 8080, RSPO
  2. – Representatives from the European Commission
  3. – Representative from CA-RES
  4. – National stakeholders from the respective hosting countries (like biofuels producers, political institutions involved in biofuels)
  • Whenever needed, REFUREC also facilitates pre-meetings between Members and stakeholders in preparation of REFUREC workshops. Purpose of this can be to get informed on latest development of defined issues by involved stakeholders, and to bring the outcome of these pre-meetings to our REFUREC workshops.